Q1. What COVID-19 protocols does the CSU have in place?

Please review the Capilano Student Union and Capilano University COVID19 Guidlines.

Q2. How will the CSU ensure the virus isn’t transmitted via textbooks?

The staff at the CSU Members Centre will be sanitizing each book prior to its sale to another student. We will be spraying and wiping down each book prior to consignment. We will also be wiping down each book prior to its sale or shipment.

Q3. Pick-up and Drop-Off Textbooks for Consignment

Refer to "How it Works" found in the Bookmarket on the this website.


General FAQ


Q1. What is your return policy on textbooks?

Returns are accepted until the end of the second week of classes. Fall Cut-off September 27th, 2021.

Q2. Can I consign an earlier edition of the textbook?

You are welcome to reach out to your instructor and let us know by forwarding their email response to bookmarket@csu.bc.ca. If approved, we will gladly consign your earlier edition at 50% of the consignment price.

Q3. How will I receive my cheque?

Cheques for sold books will be sent by mail to the address you indicated on your consignment form. Cheques are mailed after the book return deadline then at the begining of each month.

Q4. How do I know my book is eligible for consignment?

Please check our Fall 2021 book list found in the Bookmarket on the this website

Q5. What is consignment?

Consignment is an arrangement in which goods (in this case your used books) are left in the possession of an authorized third party (in this case the CSU) to sell in exchange for a percentage of the revenue from the sale in the form of commission (in this case 15%).

Q6. What kind of textbooks can I consign?

All textbooks required for the upcoming semester are accepted. Please check the list of eligible books for the fall semester on our Fall 2021 book list found in the Bookmarket on the this website.

Q7. Why should I sell my textbooks?

Selling your textbooks is a great way of saving money in the student world. Participating in the CSU Book Market is one of the best ways to make the most off your used textbook. And in turn you are helping other students by making the books available to them for purchase less than at the bookstore.

Q8. Can I consign course packs, lab manuals, or study guides?

Course packs, lab manuals, and study guides are acceptable if they are current for this academic year. We will not accept any lab manuals or study guides with all the answers filled in.

Q9. Will my personal information appear on or in the books?

No personally identifying information will be on the textbooks. We do not share, donate, or sell personal information.

Q10. How will you protect any personal information I give?

The CSU takes privacy very seriously. All information is protected and access is limited to the staff entering the information into the encrypted system. We do not share, sell, donate or otherwise any personal information of our student membership. For more information, please see the CSU’s privacy policy.

Q11. How will I know when my textbooks sell?

Once you consign your textbooks, you will be granted access to your consignor account. Once a book sells, it will update your portal immediately and a cheque will be mailed to you after the book return deadline has passed.

Q12. How do I get my money?

After your book(s) sells and the book return deadline has passed, the CSU mail a cheque to you at the address you provided when you first dropped your books off.

Q13. What if I want to consign but I’m not currently in Canada?

Please contact us at bookmarket@csu.bc.ca to discuss the options we have in order to assist you in your consignment needs.

Q14. What happens if my textbooks don’t sell?

We will gladly hold onto your books for you until the next offical book list is issured and we verify if your text book is eligible for sale that semsemter. Textbooks that are not eligible a email will be sent out to the student notifing them to pick up there textbooks. We hold on to these texts books for one month after the email being sent out then the books will be donated to "Better World Books" All textbooks in consignment will remain available for purchase on our e-commerce site.

Q15. How can I pay for the textbooks I want to buy?

You have a couple of options available. Stop by the Members Centre (LB 195) to purchase with debit or credit cards and take them home right away. You can also purchase textbooks on our website and schedule an on-campus pick-up.

Q16. Why do I need to use my Capilano University email when consigning?

We require the use of your Capilano University email to verify your student status, as this service is here to support Capilano University students.

Q17. Why can’t I get paid as soon as my book sells?

There is a return period for those who may have purchased books and dropped the course or purchased the wrong books. During this time we do not process any payouts as there is a possibility of the text purchased being returned. Once the deadline passes, we will process all payouts as quickly as possible.

Have additional questions?

Contact us at bookmarket@csu.bc.ca or call us at 604.494.4969